Illuminate is a trick taking card game with a Biblical twist. The four suits are the four gospels, and each card is a passage from that gospel.

Journeys with Jesus is a journey building game based on the gospel accounts of Jesus’ travels throughout Israel.

Prophets & Kings is a set building game based on the prophets and kings in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible.

Roman Catacombs is a flip & write game that aims to teach the books of the Bible.  In the game, you are the librarian for a small church meeting in the catacombs outside of Rome. You have been tasked with building a representative collection of manuscripts of the various books of the Bible. Unfortunately, you have limited storage space. Therefore, your goal is to complete a library of three books from each of seven categories. You need to keep the books in the canon order and you can’t move a book once you’ve placed it.

Roman Road is a fast-paced multi-player card game based on the game Nerts. As the game is played, the gospel of Jesus Christ is presented using four verses from the Biblical book of Romans.