SDG Games

SDG Games is the game publishing arm of SDG Strategy LLC. Our purpose is to create educational games for the glory of God.

We have just released our fourth card game, Roman Catacombs, a flip & write game that aims to teach the books of the Bible.  In the game, you are the librarian for a small church meeting in the catacombs outside of Rome. You have been tasked with building a representative collection of manuscripts of the various books of the Bible. Unfortunately, you have limited storage space. Therefore, your goal is to complete a library of three books from each of seven categories. You need to keep the books in the canon order and you can’t move a book once you’ve placed it.

Roman Road is a fast-paced multi-player card game based on the game Nerts. As the game is played, the gospel of Jesus Christ is presented using four verses from the Biblical book of Romans.

Prophets & Kings  is a set (or meld) building game (think Rummy or Conasta) . Specifically you are trying to build sets of cards with an Old Testament prophet and the kings whose reigns he prophesied during, or an Old Testament king and the prophets who prophesied during his reign. The game is easy to learn and helps players learn about the prophets and kings in the Bible.

WordWords was inspired by Wordle, and like other Wordle-inspired games, it involves trying to guess 5-letter words. Each WordWords puzzle is associated with a specific book of the Bible and the word you are searching for appears in that book. To be beginner-friendly, and to help all of us learn more of the words in the Bible, a list of all of the 5-letter words in that book is provided, so WordWords is also a bit of a search game, looking for words that match a pattern. A few other improvements have been introduced to make WordWords an inviting game for those that love the Bible. Be patient, it can take a few seconds to load a new game.

Illuminate is our first card game. It is a trick taking game (think Spades or Bridge), but with a couple of twists that keep your brain working. The Illuminate card deck is beautifully decorated with artwork from the Book of Kells. The Illuminate deck replaces the traditional four suits (Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds) with the four Biblical gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). This deck can be used for playing other common card games, but with the challenging twists enabled by the deck.

Our first board game is called Journeys with Jesus.  It is the first in a series of route building games (in some ways similar to the Ticket to Ride or 10 Days games) specifically intended to teach Biblical geography.

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