A New Website and a New Store

My main distribution strategy for SDG Games has been to sell through The Game Crafter’s online store. This is an easy solution, but the print-on-demand model results in high prices (with low margins) and long delivery times. This approach also doesn’t work for Journeys with Paul (announced earlier today), which isn’t made by TGC (although they do provide one of the key components). At the very least I needed a way to sell this one game, and whatever solution I came up with should also provide significant benefits for folks buying our other games.

When I launched SDG Games, I created a WordPress-based website on a hosted platform. I’ve decided to break my web presence into three parts. I didn’t want to lose the content I’d created in WordPress, so I broke that out with the new address blog.sdggames.fun. I’ve created a new business website. Finally, I created a new store called SDG Biblical Wisdom using Shopify. All these sites are linked together so you may not even notice when you go from one to the other. If you’re reading news about SDG Games (like this update), you’ll probably be on the blog site. When you are learning more about our games, reading the game rules, or using the online scorepads, you’ll be on the main SDGgames.fun website. Whenever you’re ready to buy, you’ll do it through the SDG Biblical Wisdom Shopify store.

I will also continue to offer most of my games through TGC’s store, for those times when I’m out of stock, but most of the time customers will get the same products at the same price and much faster delivery times if they buy directly from me through my websites.

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