Introducing Journeys for Paul

When I created SDG Games, the original vision was to launch a line of “Journeys” games covering different aspects of Biblical history and geography. However, the high cost of Journeys with Jesus convinced me to focus on games we could produce at a much lower price point.

For the past several months I’ve been prototyping and play testing a game based on the churches the Apostle Paul planted in Greece and Turkey. Producing this game at an affordable price with the components available through The Game Crafter was proving to be a challenge. So instead I’ve decided to source the parts from various suppliers (5 at current count) and assemble the games myself.

Today I am announcing the availability of Journeys for Paul through the new SDG Games website (more on that soon).

Here’s the brief description of the game: The Apostle Paul is unfortunately detained, but wants to hear how the churches he planted are doing. He asks his co-laborers Luke, Titus, and Silas to visit the churches in the regions of Macedonia & Achia (in present day Greece), Asia Minor, Galatia (both in present day Turkey), and the Islands of the Mediterranean.

Read more on the website.

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